12 The Synthetic IRIS Eye


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The Synthetic IRIS Eye® is designed for various iris extensions systems:

Corneal incisions and suturing | implantion of all major iris extensions | anterior chamber needs to be filled with OVD first to receive best results | after successful implantation an explantation can be performed | lens can not be removed | Use of iris retractor  | Use of Malyugin Ring®

Customization options:

Iris size mm: No, 6, 7, 8

IRIS Eye® Specifications:

Central corneal thickness of 0.5 mm | Peripheral corneal thickness rising | Corneal diameter of 12,6 mm | Ø thickness of the anterior chamber is 3,1 mm | Realistic feel of an incision | Suitable for stainless steel or diamond knives and other instruments | Dimensions: Ø 29,2 mm x H 27,20 mm

One package contains 12 eyes. All products are handmade and so may vary in design and colour. If interested and for more information, contact us here.


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