4 Phake-i EYE Pads

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The new Phake-i® EYE Pad connects Wetlab years training experience with the latest developments in materials technology. The improved material is resilient, durable and has  the ease of needle attachment. The proven shape and volume of the mts eye fixation pads was adjusted for the perfect fit oft he Phake-i® EYE and combination with the ELI Model.

The material used in Phake-i® EYE Pad consists of a blend of silicones and enables a smoother surface which can be easily washed and fort he first time allows the cleaning in the dishwasher.

The Phake-i® EYE Pad can be used alone, or in conjunction with the Phake-i® EYE. Our recommendation: Optimal Training and practice results are achieved in using the ELI model. Numerous other pad’s are available here.

One package contains 4 PAD´s.

With a minimum order of 150 Phake-i® EYE pads, the color can be chosen at will, and adapts the form and the logo can be integrated. All products are handmade and so may vary in design and colour. If interested and for more information, contact us here.

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