Suture Skills Trainer


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The Skin pad will accept most trochars from a Verres type needle to a 12mm trochar. The skin tissue has considerable elasticity and has been designed to simulate the resistance experienced on body entry.


  • A durable, long lasting surface double-sided skin
  • A subdermis (red) and a fatty layer (yellow)
  • A soft tactile skin ideal for suture practice
  • A strong supporting plastic jig

Key Skills

  •  Making an incision
  • Subdermal suturing
  • Continuous suturing
  • Stapling
  • Sub-cuticular suturing • Interupted suturing
  • Suture removal skills • Closure
  • Use of adhesive strips • Intra dermal injection

One package contains 1 double-sided skin and 1 Jig for fixing. All products are handmade and so may vary in design and colour. If interested and for more information, contact us here. Non Sterile. NOT FOR MEDICAL USE