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Our products are engineered and produced completely in Austria to meet the best production standards, and are developed with one main aim: to provide our customers with the best tools to unlock and improve their skills.


All our products are customisable without limitations, so in the case that the available products do not fulfill your needs, we happy to work with you on your personal solution.

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Leverage agile frameworks to provide precise, attentive and timely support to our customers.

Our Custom Solution for YOUR Product launch​

We can:

  • Customize your product presentation
  • Design artificial eyes or other dummies tailored to your need
  • Configure your whole product presentation
  • Layout a complete wetlab configuration for your product
  • Multiple showcase your product for marketing and sales purposes in an appealing way
  • Find an attractive packing solution 

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Without a talented and motivated team, exceptional success rarely can be achieved. Our broad and combined experience leads to the provision of proper and affordable training tools for the continually evolving field of ophthalmological education.

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