Artificial Eyes

Our main goal is to provide the best combination of realistic behaviour affordable worldwide, in-house production and lifelike design. Thanks to our many years of experience we know what is going on when doctors need to be trained. Our understanding of training is a holistic approach. We always recommend training manual surgical skills with a variety of products like porcine eyes (obviously only with the best artificial eyes, namely ours (LINK), suture trainers (LINK) and even with software solutions. Only this combination equips our doctors with the necessary tools to succeed in the exceptional case when it comes to the eye of the patient. Our artificial eyes fill a very important gap when it comes to simulating tissue changeable diseases like cataract (LINK), membrane pealing (LINK), glaucoma-related stuff (LINK) and the rest. It is also very easy for us to deliver eyes with complications already available. Complications out of the box. You can repeat and try until you feel safe. Our third major service is possible because of our in-house handmade production. If you see a need for an eye model which is not yet in our portfolio, please contact us.

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